Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Blog Post

Well I finally found the time to start this thing up. I'm hoping to use this as a record for all the adventures I have.  Not much to report on this weekend.  I went Masters Swim this morning.  That makes 7 sessions in the past 3 weeks, 6 in a row.  I jumped right into that this fall after my traveling for fun and work ended and I knew I could attend some Saturday sessions.  I'm hoping to use the swimming workouts to get my upper body in shape for my upcoming trip.  More on that later.

Otherwise I'm "on-call" at the paper mill where I work.  That means I have to come into the mill and report out on my department at a 9am meeting.  I cover our two older paper machines called the SCA Line.  Really what it means is a few hours of work each day, can't really leave the St. Cloud area, and always having my phone on me.

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